10 Crazy Smart Garden Hacks

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Sometimes I see life hacks, DIY hacks or things like garden hacks and I’m befuddled by some and motivated by others.  Or I wonder how I didn’t think of that.  Now I’m no Einstein but some of these garden hacks will probably make you feel silly for not thinking of it.  Don’t forget to check out this post too if you are interested in gardening.

Please keep in mind that I cannot attest to the validity of some of these hacks.  So they may or may not all work for you.  Let us know if something doesn’t work for you so perhaps we can pass along that information to others.  These hacks are pretty self-explanatory but a couple of the pics don’t tell the whole story so I noted some instructions with them.  Without further ado, enjoy these 10 garden hacks.

1. Start a seedling in a lemon rind

2. Cheap Ikea Herb Garden

3. Test Old Seeds in Wet Paper Towel

4. Diapers Help Your Plants Grow

5. Shoe Rack Hanging Garden

6. Regrow Pineapple by Planting Top.

7. Paint Planters with Glow in the Dark Paint

8. Keep those Eggshells.

9. Sweeten your Homegrown Tomatoes with Baking Soda

10. Turn Rose clippings into New Roses w/Taters